Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dazzling Green

Dear shoppers.. 
First of all, nak say thanks so much.. we were overwhelmed by good response from buyers during 'Sweet November' SALE tempoh hari.. appreciate your support and positive feedback.. :) Serikandi Team sememangnya bercita² untuk meng'improve'kan our services and akan tampil dengan pilihan² yg lebih banyak, berquality, menarik, tertarik dan memang debomm!!!.. ;P

So entry kali ini.. Serikandi Team memilih satu colour atau tema yg best! kami tahu... ramai diantara anda yg suke and feberet dengan colour ini..


credit: Google pic

We are so delighted to come out with a dazzling green theme

As green always reflects to "freshness" and "energy," things like groundedness, growth, and connection to the earth.... so for those yang seeking for something fresh.. to have soothing sight of greenery.. here you are.. few selections that awesome and beautiful enough just for you all.. hurry grab one..

Jacquard Silk
hijau mempaga
lembut, licin, sejuk, berat, terletak cantik kat badan
4m x 45"


V2 SB Line 58"
hijau tembaga
high quality, corak benang yg cantik sgt, sejuk, lembut, comfy
3.5m x 58"


V2 SB Line 58"
hijau biru laut
quality, corak benang yg cantik sgt, sejuk, lembut, comfy
3.5m x 58"


**p/s: All prices stated above are exclusive postage/ harga diatas adalah tidak termasuk kos pos.


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