Saturday, June 11, 2011

MARK DOWN - items to let go

Hi Everyone,

we hav few items to let go.. we are intending to put in new stocks sempena nak raya ni.. thats y, kalau bole nak to start fresh for upcoming update.
so here u goes.. Anyone?? FREE SHIPPING okay..
it is not necessarily for u, but maybe to ur loved one ker.. nak bagi present sempena ramadhan ke... why not kan..


TB 03
thai cotton batik - imported
matching fabric does not included (let us noe if you want it too) *add RM45 only
RM48 RM40

*free shipping

on it full view

SK 21
Sutera Batik 5 Lapis
Serikandi's pick*** so lovely~
4 mtrs
RM 280 RM245
*free shipping
full view


catch you soon dear!! maybe kte nak upload pic2 Serikandi's with their outfits... oouh i wish i hv a lot of time for this! haha
nmpk sgt ke'busy'an nye tu kan..
mesti u keep crossing ur mind with few questions.. cth: mcm mn rupenye kalo baju tu da siap n digayakan.. hihi.. of course la cantik... :) insyaAllah..

Serikandi Team

Friday, June 10, 2011

Open for Pre-Order

Salam lovelies,

Good news for you.. Due to so many request, we opened up a pre-order for SB Line Germany fabrics.  Price per metre pun telah diturunkan okay!! Amacam!!! Best tak??

Pre-order for SB Line Germany fabric is as per colour code stated below only.

You may send your request NOW up until 17th June 2011, Friday 1pm. 
40% of the full payment is required upon request, and remaining balance is once items have had in our hand.

Delivery to shoppers is expected to be held on Monday 20th June 2011 onward, once we received full payment from you.

Available items:

SBG 01
tanah hitam benang kuning

pale orange corak kotak kecil
hijau pucuk pisang

SBG 06
sweet mauve (light pink)

SBG 13
steel blue/ denim colour

Dun miss em all!

Thanks darls...
Serikandi Boutique
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