Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sneak Peek 'Plain Jacquard Silk'

Hello shoppers.. :) 

Pejam celik da nak sampai ke end of year kan.. So for those yg will celebrate Christmas tu.. nak wish Happy Christmas lah kan.. and bagi yg dapat bercuti.. amboii.. syiok la semua yer.. break from duty! rest kejap..

Thanks so much jugak pd new buyers.. clients yg beli in bulk.. and yg baru mengenali Serikandi Boutique.. Hope semua happy dengan products kami.. 

Sementara tu.. jangan lupe.. 
Watch Out for our new updates!!!!!

 Plenty choices of Jacquard Silk soon in store.

Serikandi is still having it's SALE yer.. 
So.. hurry grab your items now!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Y.E.S (11 Dec 2010 - 1 Jan 2011)

Salam semua.. 
Sebelum terlambat.. we would like to congratulate to all the Muslims of the world on ISLAMIC NEW YEAR”. Semoga tahun hijrah 1432 ini akan lebih meningkatkan lagi segala amal ibadah kita ...  lebih diberkati dan lebih dikurniakan rezeki.. 

seperti yg diwarwarkan.. 
Serikandi Boutique is having SALE hujung tahun.. 
ianya berlangsung dari Dec 11, 2010 sehingga Jan 1, 2011...
WOW!!! bestnyer!!!

dear shoppers, pricing for items are as below:

SBLINE GERMANY (4m x 45") is RM130 RM116 or rm29/mtr
SBLINE 58" (4m x 58") is RM80 RM68 or rm17/mtr
V2 SBLINE 58" (3.5m x 58") at RM98 RM84 or rm24/mtr
EMBROIDERY COTTON (4m x 45") at RM130 RM112 rm28/mtr
PRINTED COTTON (4m x 58") is RM80 RM64 or rm16/mtr
COTTON JACQUARD (4m x 45") at RM220 RM180 or rm45/mtr
JACQUARD SILK is RM150 RM128 or rm32/mtr


one more good news, we are now open up for wholesale to SBLINE range of fabrics only.. this is entitled for minimum purchase of 7pcs or 25mtrs and above..
should u find any queries, kindly email to us at serikandiboutique@gmail.com or sms/call at 016-3032598.

semoga anda semua berpuas hati dengan servis kami.. and Happy Shopping!!!

enrich the beauty
enhance the personality
attain the confidence

Serikandi Team

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sakura Le Femina

Salam and hi everyone! 
I hope today is off to a good start for your month of December.. talking bout December ni kan memang seronok..
 school holiday.. kenduri kawin.. vacations.. Christmas celebration... upcoming 2011..
wow!!! happynye!! 
but for Muslims.. jgn lupe ok.. awal muharam pun dah nak hampir ni..

hmm... bulan baru... nak dekat tahun baru... azam baru.. so ape lagi... semua baru la kan.. we all pun ade kain baru juga!!!

So kali ni.. we'll share that with you for Sakura Wednesday, we think.. as we managed to find few selections within the range of this colour for our deary Serikandi's shoppers..

credit: Google pic

These next few pictures are a collection of feminine yet classy finds from us. 

french rose
Jacquard Silk
lembut, licin, sejuk, berat.. nice colour!!!
4m x 45"


SBG 05
coral peach.. ouh love this!!
SB Line Germany
4m x 45"

SBG 06
mauve.. so sweet :)
SB Line Germany
4m x 45"

Thank you everyone for stopping by. Prices are all exclude shipping..
Until next time..

Happy shopping,
Serikandi Team
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