Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sakura Le Femina

Salam and hi everyone! 
I hope today is off to a good start for your month of December.. talking bout December ni kan memang seronok..
 school holiday.. kenduri kawin.. vacations.. Christmas celebration... upcoming 2011..
wow!!! happynye!! 
but for Muslims.. jgn lupe ok.. awal muharam pun dah nak hampir ni..

hmm... bulan baru... nak dekat tahun baru... azam baru.. so ape lagi... semua baru la kan.. we all pun ade kain baru juga!!!

So kali ni.. we'll share that with you for Sakura Wednesday, we think.. as we managed to find few selections within the range of this colour for our deary Serikandi's shoppers..

credit: Google pic

These next few pictures are a collection of feminine yet classy finds from us. 

french rose
Jacquard Silk
lembut, licin, sejuk, berat.. nice colour!!!
4m x 45"


SBG 05
coral peach.. ouh love this!!
SB Line Germany
4m x 45"

SBG 06
mauve.. so sweet :)
SB Line Germany
4m x 45"

Thank you everyone for stopping by. Prices are all exclude shipping..
Until next time..

Happy shopping,
Serikandi Team


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