Friday, November 19, 2010

LELONG PRICE - Vietnamese Cotton

Dear Shoppers.. 

Masih dalam mood raya lagi?? Sila2lah menjenguk awesome selections dari kami.. As usual SB Line mmg dah jadi all-time-favourite.. ramai peminat..

For your information.. 
Selagi kami tidak update 'Sold Out' dalam ruangan 'Current Info'.. selagi itulah terjamin its availability.. mai borong banyak2 ok.. sementara masih SALE ni..

Kenapa theme SALE kali ni adalah 'Sweet November'? silalah menjenguk ke our previous entry <<klik sini>>.. sememangnya we are delightful to share with u guys our happiness and as an appreciatioan for your support and loyalty, there is a great deal.. discounts and discounts!! Wow!!!

Hurry grab your preferred item now!

sementara tu nak wat short entry.. nak 'LELONG' kain..


here u are.. Vietnamese Cotton
harga LELONG!!! mari mari mari!!

white base with unique motives
Vietnamese Cotton
4m x 58"
RM40 (postage free)

Happy Shopping!!


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