Sunday, October 31, 2010

SB Line

Kali ni kami datangkan 3 colours lagi dr range SB Line. This time lebih murah as compared to our first batch becos materialnya lebih nipis and corak benang yg blended and faded.. mmg style lah.. 

Kain ni mmg feberet arwah atok kami.. dibuat baju melayu johor.. asyik ulang2 pakai je ok.. sesuai dengan cuaca kita.. x panas.. x berlengas.. selesa.. kami sgt meminatinya.. dan kami percaya anda pun juga.. 


4m x 58"
RM80 (exclude postage)

emerald green
4m x 58"
RM80 (exclude postage)

true colour as above
coffee bean 

as shown in previous pic - slightly darker in real >> so nice
4m x 58"
RM80 (exclude postage)


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