Monday, October 25, 2010

Embroidery Cotton

kain ni sgt besh... kain cotton plain disulam.. for finishing, bole tambah beads mengikut creativity..

white colour mmg tengah 'in' now nih.. bagi peminat nombor satu colour putih (saya la tu!!) or beige.. we have few selections for you..

Kain berquality..  kat luar dalam RM35-RM45 per meter.. 
Fabrics agak jarang... better lining rasanya.. 

I did one (baju pesak gantung)!! I bubuh colourful beads kat lengan.. 
will update contoh of mine soon!

from left: white wave and white floral.. (dua2 cantik...)

See.. how sweet!!! (",)


EC 01
sweet light corn 
4m x 45"
RM135 (inclusive postage)
lubang2 nyer kecik2 je..  tak lining boleh sbb lebih tebal dr kain putih kat bawah.. 
but lining lebih baik.. sopan bg yang bertudung tu

EC 02
white floral 
4m x 45"
RM135 (inclusive shipping)

EC 03
white wave
4m x 45"
RM 135 (inclusive shipping)

Tips: Prewash before tailoring.. but this type of fabrics tak shrink sangat yer..  so dun worry!
try la..  serlahkan kelembutan and kesucian hati..

Min purchase of 2mtrs (RM75 inclusive postage).. bole wat blouse kan.. TQ.


$uk3 h@t! l@~ said...

How to make oder EC 02?

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