Monday, October 25, 2010

Japanese Cotton

Japanese or printed cotton has been among the favorite item... sangat comfort.. sopan.. cantik.. sesuai dengan cuaca Malaysia.. senang dijaga.. sweet dibuat baju kurung.. boleh pakai ke office or class or kenduri.. 

Pattern and corak yang kami pilih bakal memukau hati si pemakai mahupun yang melihat... 

Great deals..
As a warmest welcome, we provide free shipping this time.. 

What are you waiting for? Hurry grab one for upcoming Aidiladha!!


true color as below
JC 01
Rose green papermint
4m x 60"
RM80 (inclusive shipping)


true color as above
JC 02
Choc purple berry
4m x 60"
RM 80 (inclusive shipping)

JC 03
Baby roses blue
4m x 60"
RM 80 (inclusive shipping)

JC 04
champagne roses
kain sejuk je.. best!!
4m x 60"
RM80 (inclusive shipping)

JC 05
Black charming
4m x 45"
RM 75 (inclusive shipping)

true color as below
JC 06 
Sweet peach roses

4m x 60"
RM 80 (inclusive shipping)

Handling tips: Pre-wash before tailoring
Material: 100% cotton


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