Friday, November 18, 2011

Terengganu Crepe Batik

Hi there.. ketemu lagi...

This time will be Terengganu  Batik Crepe pulak okay. For those yang masih belum kenal crepe fabric ni, Mr.Google mentioned that crepe is actually a silk, wool or polyster fabric of gauzy texture, having a peculiar crisp or crimpy appearance. 

If dalam bahasa Melayu campuran terjemahan SPM gred 7D ialah.. sejenis kain yg texturenye nampk kasar, rapuh and rangup (hahahahaa) tapi sebenarnye very soft, ringan, nipis tapi x jarang sgt. 

Ours is of course the one yang in high quality and very comfy. :)

Memang nampak exclusive becos ade shining stones belah depan potongan kain untuk bahagian baju, tapi ciri2 modesty masih ade due to the colours yg ala2 soft and pastel gitu. Very sweet :) 

Lets take a look!!

Terengganu Batik Crepe
sangat cantik
4 mtrs
rm330 (inclusive shipping)

SK 37
Terengganu Batik Crepe
very sweet
4 mtrs
rm330 (inclusive shipping)


Terengganu Batik Crepe
4 mtrs
rm330 (inclusive shipping)

10% disc - after less is rm297

Terengganu Batik Crepe
our fav!!
4 mtrs
rm330 (inclusive shipping)


getting fancy??
shop now!!

p/s: free shipping is valid for Malaysian buyers only.


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