Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sneak Peek 'Kelantan Silk'

Salam and hi beauty women out there.. to gentlemen too :)..

Sincere apologize due to Serikandi's hiatus mode.. Team members are too busy with lecturing and other outstate projects.. 

Many thanks to shoppers.. ade yg beli borong puluhan meters for upcoming wedding~ thnks a lot! quite a few yg bought offline too.. We appreciate for your support and patronage. wah gitu! ;) 

So.. nantikan upcoming updates.. bnyk lagi jenis kain yg baru.. and one of them is our affordable selected Exclusive Kelantanese Silk a.k.a sutera kelantan lah yer.. Gotta few comes with the shining stones too.. :) mmg exclusive and cantik lah of course..

Shall get back to you dear... All of the above are soon in store~
Appreciate for your patience..

Serikandi Team


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